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Recently I had a very upsetting and costly experience due to Airtrans lack of communication and rude LaGuardia airport staff.

Let me explain to you what happened.

When we arrived to the airport TWO HOURS AHEAD of our originally scheduled departure time we proceeded directly thru security and to our gate. We were the last gate and it was very seating left anywhere. We sat as close as we could to the AirTran section so we wouldn't miss any announcements.

Then about 15 mins after we got there we noticed that our flight had been delayed according to the airports flight status screens. I checked with our gate and indeed we had been delayed from 830p to 932p And the board behind our gate had been changed to note the delay. So we big deal. I kept checking on our plane because NO update announcements were being made by the staff and our gate was so crowded we had to sit two gates down.

We started getting worried when 9p rolled around and still no boarding announcements or updates. I asked the lady at the gate and she replied...sorry honey your plane has already left.

WOW. No announcement...nothing. My first time in NYC and I was stranded at the airport. It was terrifying. I wasn't alone though AirTran had stranded about 5 others along with me. They too heard no announcement and were stunned that no one walked down to make a "last call for boarding" knowing that they were missing passengers that had clearly checked in and had checked baggage.

So here we NYC with NO room, no ride and little spending cash because we were on a VERY TIGHT budget and most of the cheaper hotels had sold out already due to other flight cancellations. Not to mention my luggage had left without me and was headed back to Akron, Ohio with BOTH OF OUR DAILY REQUIRED MEDICATIONS.

When we asked the AirTran employees at the gate they simply said we would have to catch a later flight the next day. That was very VERY bad news. I am a cancer patient and I had to undergo a chemo session the next day. It's absolutely critical that I stay on track with my treatments to treat the type of cancer I have. I had to MISS MY TREATMENT. Not to mention, my fiance had to miss work and got docked a days pay.

On top of all that, we had to get a room in a hotel that we hadn't budgeted on and did not WANT to spend money on ($152.00 to be exact). We had to spend $50 on cab rides to and from the airport. Again, this is all money we WOULD NOT HAVE HAD TO SPEND if AirTran would have been better at communicating with their passengers.

So in all, our experience with AirTran was very bad. I would think that we should be entitled to some form of compensations for our troubles. Reimbursement for our hotel and cab or credit with Airtran in someway? Please make this situation right. My entire family flys AirTran and my brother is frequent business traveler with his company. I am very VERY good with social media marketing and I will make sure my experience will be shared with all your customers and the world.

I would not be complaining if it was indeed my fault for missing the flight. But clearly there was NO communication by the LaGuardia AirTran staff and even less enthusiasm in helping the stranded passengers find their way to the gate on time. There were 5 of us at least. Really? Five missing seats and clearly 5 passengers checked in.

I have documentation of everything. Please make us forget we were ever stranded in New York City and make this right.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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I was not there but obviously some boarding announcements had to have been made because how did the other 100 or so how many ever passengers get onboard?


I'm really sorry for this. I think if you can prove you missed a cancer treatment you have a case for a whole lot more then your hotel fees. Seriously a cancer treatment? Get up these people's behinds. This has to do with your life being in danger and they need to pay for that.

Never leave your medications in anything that travels with out you. Always put medications in your carry on. Medications prescribed to you are allowed and it's recommended you don't do this.

That is terrible though, if you can prove the things you are saying I say you start a case.