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Update by user Aug 24, 2015

Spoke to a very nice lady tonight with Southwest ... she actually showed some empathy and is now helping to resolve this issue!

Original review posted by user Aug 23, 2015

I trusted AirTran again and again they have failed me. My family and I went on a vacation cruise last year and upon returning we found that...
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  • Great ticket price
  • Misplaced or lost luggage
Reason of review
Problem with delivery

Baggage Claim Review

Baggage claim takes FOREVER at Detroit airport. What a *** waste of time.
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Reason of review
Poor customer service

Flight Review

AirTran sucks as usual. Once again a delayed flight in Atlanta with no expectation.
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AirTran Airways - Poor Flight Experience Review

OK I'm extremely pissed I was stuck in Atlanta airport for 4 hrs for an hour flight to Raleigh in Atlanta the plane first had engine trouble than no air the flight attendant was very nasty to the children on the plane to top it off I had need but bites from the plane wtf note I have to fumigate my belongings and have to desk with bed bug bites I will never use this airline again I want a refund wait and didn't mention the airline forgot to tell us the gates change it took a passenger to tell us this airline was very unprofessional
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I recently had a very bad experience flying Air Tran from Atlanta to California. The seats are too close together, the aisle is ridiculously small.

I had a bout with claustrophobia for the first time, nobody even cared! The flight attendant was rude. I will NEVER fly this airline again.

I returned on a Southwest airline, and that flight was just fine. Please improve Air Tran, or shut it down!

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AirTran Airways in Baltimore, Maryland - Our flight was delayed 3 hrs....

Our flight was delayed for 3 hours and we were told it was due to a maintenance issue...Glad we were told that but then I overheard passengers saying something about $100 per customer..therefore I want to know what are we getting for this delay?..during our flight passengers purchased alcohol & were not to pay now they would come back for the payment...I thought that was odd since I know a credit card is used when purchasing a drink....later I found out the alcohol drinks were free...totally rude not to inform all the passengers about this!...I feel I should be compensated for this inconvenience immediately...2 tickets were purchased for this flight so 2 people were inconvenienced....thank you and I look forward to hearing how this will be resolved.
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AirTran Airways in Overland Park, Kansas - Rude Customer Service Over Booking Flights

More should have been added to the tag line. First off Airtran is owned by Southwest. On the way to my vacation from Milwaukee the check baggage was outside. It was below 20 degrees when I left. Second on all three of the flights they asked passangers to give up their seats. When no one does the last passangers to check in are out of a seat. Right now there are 7 passangers without a seat to Chicago. I am only here in ATL still because Southwest had a gate change, the ended up being late and the flight attendants wouldnt allow me to sit further up (there are no assigned seats) so I can make my next flight which I would have if I was further up. I get off the plane and an airtran csr is waiting on me. She looks at the papers in her hands and says, "You have a flight to Milwaukee. You won't make, here are your new tickets leaving at 7:30 and arriving at 8:38. You wouldn't ugh made it anyway cuz da next flight is all da way in F terminal." Yes, I'm serious she was speaking just like that. The customer service reps are ghetto. They give out vouchers good for a year but clearly the csr doesn't fully understand how to redeem them.she just told a customer I guess you can call and do it that way.
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AirTran Airways - Charged high rate to change flight departure time.

While on vacation my wife's father passed away and we had to come home earlier than expected. Airtran charged us a hefty premium to change our return flight. I know other airlines wave this fee when the death of an immediate family member requires a change in flight plan. I am very disappointed in this airline for being so dispassionate. It saddens me that they would take advantage of a very sad situation to basically blackmail us. On top of the extra charge our connection flight on the way home was delayed almost 3 hours while we waited for 15 passengers from another flight to arrive.
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AirTran Airways - Involuntary Bumping vs Involuntary Denied Boarding for Overbooking

Booked 2 flights in Oct 2013,  for Airtran nonstop flt 817 depart Dec 22 from bwi @ 9am, arrive in punta cana at 1:52pm for a family holiday vacation. I also purchased 2 seats 23C & 23A! Airtran e-mailed me Dec 19 with our new flight times changes and flight changed to FLT 133 to depart bwi @ 7:55am, arrive Atlanta 9:55am, depart Atlanta @ 4:30pm, arrive PuntA Cana @ 8:57pm!! Guess what - flt did not leave ATL until 5:40pm!! We arrived in Punta Cana hotel almost midnight!! All day of our first day family vacation wasted!    I also received call from Airtran after they e-mailed me, the agent said our flight times changed, but the agent did not say that Airtran was involuntary removing us from our originally purchased nonstop flights. When I asked agent, why they are changing our flights, agent's response was that Airtran oversold the nonstop FLT 817! I was upset and furious, so I ended the call!    I called Airtran Customer Service and I was offered flight out from bwi on later dates! I informed agent that our hotel was prepaid and that later flights was unacceptable! I spoke with supervisor Heather and she offered refund of 2 one way of our fares and seat fees! I asked info about 400% for involuntary removal by Airtran from our original flight - her response was that we were not Involuntary Denied Boarding (IDB) so compensation does not apply to us!!  It is legal business practice by Airtran - overselling seats on flights -  bait and switch - and Airtran's ability  to go around US Dept of Transportation rule for IDB, Airtran involuntary removed us from the original Dec 22 flight that we paid for, and on Dec 19 moved us on different flights!!  Subsequently, we were not involuntary removed by Airtran on Dec 22, so the US Dept of Transportation Rule DID NOT apply to us; Airtran avoided compensation of 400% or maximum compensation of US$1300 per passenger for involuntary removing us from our original nonstop flight from BWI!  What is the legal definition of IDB and Involuntary Removal of paying passengers from flights?  US Dept of Transportation is reviewing my case because I need to know my rights as a consumer!   Airtran must Explain to me  in writing why we were involuntary removed from our originally paid flight besides the issue of Airtran oversold seats on Flt 817, Dec 22, 2013. How does Airtran decide which passengers to remove involuntarily from flights? Why does Airtran oversell seats on flights in the first place? Because it is legal and they have the right?
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AirTran Airways in Venice, Florida - Lost luggage and treated very poorly

AirTran lost my luggage while I was on vacation and did very little to help me. I'm on day 7 of my vacation and I have everything I need in my bags. The reps at AirTran just don't care about people, one rep was even texting while I stood in line for 2 hours after they left me stranded in a state where my connecting flight was. They actually screwed up my connecting flight and changed the gate and the passengers didn't know so the plane took off without everyone. They never answered the phone after 50+ calls and now they are closed on a weekend so I won't get my luggage at all while I'm on vacation. At one point they even lied just to get me off the phone I assume and told me they found both my bags and I would get them in the morning. After I called again that day ( I was calling 4-5 times a day) they told me they only had one bag and that's what the notes on my account say.just lie after lie and no hurry to help me. At one point I was told there was nothing I could do but wait and the people at the baggage office will start answering their phone when they can because they are under staffed and busy doing other things. In other words, shut up, stop calling and we'll call you!
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AirTran Airways in Baltimore, Maryland - Rude, deplorable treatment by AirTran CSA's

On December 17th 2013, my 17-year daughter and I attempted to board our flight to Aruba for a week-long Christmas vacation. I booked these tickets on the phone with an AirTran representative in July and was only informed of needing a valid passport for my 17-year-old. With valid passports and round trip tickets in hand, we approached your baggage drop-off representative. That’s when things started to go went wrong. We were met with a representative who told us that we needed a travel authorization form from my daughter’s father since he was not traveling with us. This seemed to us a nuisance since it was never required of us in the past, however, we quickly complied and went to work getting what we needed. By the way, we checked and the only modest notification we received prior to this was a link within an e-mail sent 1 business day ahead of our flight that sends the viewer to a page that discusses valid passports and other criteria, but also has another confusing link which ultimately brings the user to a site that says a letter is needed (even though details about the form are not included and the actual Aruban site does not state such requirement. Despite this, we immediately got in touch with my daughter’s father (~7am) , had him create the document to their precise specifications, then had him find a notary to have the document signed and notarized, and had it returned in plenty of time for our 8:30am flight. This was no easy feat; we were pleased that with our accomplishment. Despite faxing and emailing this document several times, the document was never good enough for AirTran. I’ve checked multiple sources through the Aruba Travel Bureau and U.S. Customs; there is no such rule stating this "required document" regarding travel with a minor. It's only on AirTran's site. There is a recommendation from U.S. Customs that an authorization be obtained but there is no requirement. However, after all the work obtaining the letter they initially asked for, they then required yet a different form with a different seal. At this point, we had run out of time. So we sobbed. We pleaded. We begged them to let us get on that flight. We assured them we would take full responsibility and would resolve any issues in Aruba directly with the Customs personnel making said “rules.” We suggested to have her father obtain this “bank seal” they now required and have it faxed to Aruba customs and AirTran representatives in Aruba before we landed (since it was “Aruba’s requirement”), yet nothing was good enough. The AirTran representative stood there smirking with attitude galore, and stated that my daughter was not getting on that flight and I would have to go without her (as my daughter stood there hysterical). She told us the Aruban authorities would take my daughter and put her alone in a holding cell and I would not see her again, and that AirTran would be fined $10,000 for the incident. My daughter is a few months from being 18 and traveling with her mother, she is not a toddler for fear of being kidnapped. Where is some common sense here? However, AirTran blamed it all on Aruba officials. AirTran representatives also told us that no other AirTran flights were available until after Christmas (a week later), and we would need to book through another airline. That was untrue as well. Later that day, I searched tickets and found almost all AirTran flights to Aruba had seats available. My sister fly to Aruba on the 19th (2 days later) and stated that there were many empty seats on that flight. Ultimately, I was forced to leave my sobbing daughter alone at BWI and board the plane without her as my other daughter, who I had paid a full-price seat for flying out of Michigan, was meeting us in Aruba and would have been stranded there alone with no money and means to check into a hotel. AirTran officials were told this but they did not care. When I asked the AirTran representative at the gate to check her status as I just left one sobbing daughter and had no idea where the other one was, she was also rude, snapping at me and informing me that she didn’t have time to deal with that as she needed to get the plane boarded. Other customers on that plane witnessed AirTran employees and approached me to offer their sympathies for the horrible treatment we received by AirTran. Thankfully, we were able to re-book my 17-year-old through another airline. Flying with US Air, by the way, was a breeze; they had never even asked for the sealed authorization form we worked so hard to obtain, nor did the Aruban Customs officials ask for this letter once my daughter landed in Aruba (by herself with no parent at all!). We looked into it further, and found that the Aruban Travel Bureau was alarmed at the misrepresentations stated AirTran. This airline truly ruined our vacation, and made us regret choosing Aruba as our Christmas destination.
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There must be a consumer reporting agency that can help us consumers who have been ripped off by Allegiant Air. I have been on hold for over 3 hours on 2 sep occasions and cannot get any help.

They have charged my credit card, will not credit my account as promised with the voucher I have and no one will answer the phone.




All you can do is pass the word around and hope people don't fly Air Tran. You might want to file a complaint with the FAA---online at their site---plus write a letter to Air Tran corporate---for whatever good that will do.

Airlines have, in general become arrogant and inept. Not all, but the standards across the industry for hiring have declined to the point where bad employees are now the rule at most airlines.

They know many people have to fly and, like the TSA for example, take advantage of their power to mess with people. This is typical of a fascist state and of an arrogant out of control industry.


You are a parent of a 17 year old. That means you should be able to figure out that they are doing this to protect your daughter.

Many children get kidnapped by the other parent when there is a divorce.

And for crying out loud, refusing to change the rules JUST FOR YOU. Is not the same as being rude.


You are an I diot with a capital I. Did you even read the complaint or was it just too difficult for you to comprehend?

Air Tran was clearly making up their own rules and trying to pass them off as some kind of legal requirement. Clearly the mother did everything in her power to comply and in my opinion was treated poorly.

How exactly is what they did "protecting your daughter?" I'm guessing you would have difficulty with that one. :roll :roll

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AirTran Airways in Miami, Florida - IPhone stolen from baggage

I traveled to Mexico and one of my luggage was opened and my iPhone was stolen they left the box empty. I would never travel with this airline again ! When I asked or try to require about where To make a complain the lady from this airline just told me timers was nothing she could so since I didn't notice when it happened . I went home and noticed I guess I should have checked my bag when I first picked it up just to make sure my belongings were there ! This isn't suppose to be an issue .
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why would you have an iphone in your checked bag and not on your person? that was dumb of you.

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