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AirTran has absolutely lost me as a repeat customer. I would cancel my reservation if I thought I could do so without a huge financial penalty.

I have never before (and still never yet) flown AirTran. I booked a flight from Tampa to San Francisco on AirTran through Yahoo Travel several weeks ago for a flight this coming January, 2009. On almost a weekly basis, Yahoo Travel has informed me via e-mail that my itinerary has been modified.

The first time changed my return from an evening departure and redeye flight to an early afternoon departure. Actually, I was pleased at this change. But, about a week later, I was notified that it changed back to a redeye, and leaving a half hour later than the original departure.

Another week passed and I received another notification of change, but found no differences. I called Yahoo Travel and they had no explanation.

Today, yet another modification. This time, my morning flight which was to have had me in San Francisco in time for lunch now has me arriving at 9pm! Checking the AirTran web site, all morning flights on that day are gone. Only two mid-afternoon flights are listed.

The only consolation I have at the moment is that the flight is still six months away and is very likely to change again, hopefully with a better schedule.

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Got the same problem today on my 2 flights scheduled. To do that either somebody lost it in the company or they are getting close to bankruptcy! They will loose a lot of customer forever, me included.