This past Sep. I flew to Key West. While relaxing on my way home the passengers aboard including myself were just informed by the flight attendant that we were all lucky winners of free air travel. Being naive to trickster's , not even considering I was about to be taken , I filled out the ppwk. name , address, and email, expecting something nice in the mail...?? Two days ago I received a credit card statement of delinquency from airtran -barclay. Called the 1-800- number on the statement given, and some man answered saying he got this number 2 years ago. .............finally got ahold of airport mngr..was resolved.

Never thought a big airline would stoop to the level like a handyman ripping off elderly people taking the money first for a job and hallin *** out of town and not doing the work.


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You try calling 1-866-air-tran.This number will now show not in service.That was the number included on the statement received.

Not concearned with trying to defend my expeirence.

Just wanted to warn people that had the same flight I did .

Type in air-tran scam see how many hits you get against the credit card company Barclay.

Then call a customer service agent for air tran and you will receive a very lame story.


You talk about this happening in September then you mention the phone agent said he received this number two years ago. That doesn't add up. This story is bogus.

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