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My boyfriend and I were coming back from Mexico and the plan was for us to leave Mexico in the afternoon, have a layover in Atlanta and then come home to KC that night. Simple right?

Air Tran effed it up pretty badly. We get to the airport in Mexico to find our flight delayed. We asked the ticket agent at our gate if they had any information about the flight and what was going on. "I don't know" was the answer.

At first it was only a couple hours delay so we don't worry too much. The delay extends from two hours to four, we ask again the answer is still "I don't know". By now I am starting to become frustrated (Really? They should have told the ticket agents/gate people SOMETHIING by now?) and cranky but with no other option we wait it out.

When seven pm comes along (we had been at the airport for a good six hours by this point) no plane and still no answer for what is causing the delay (another answer of "Sorry, we really don't know"). Two hours after this we FINALLY get an answer but that was when the plane arrived at the gate and we were boarding! The problem was a shift change that was shorthanded and some maintenance issues! No one had bothered to tell any of the passengers on that flight or the ticket/gate agents what was going on we were kept out of the loop for at least eight hours not knowing what to do and missing our connecting flight.

Then we were stuck on the runway for 20 minutes because they didn't have the damned flight plan!

Thankfully we made it home the next morning but I will never fly Air Tran again for this lack of communication. It was inexcusable.

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um, they don't leave the gate without a flight plan. try again. maybe you should drive next time or take your private jet?


Here's some :cry for your whine and cheese party.

This must have been your first flight.

This stuff happens all the time. Get over it.