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Update by user Aug 24, 2015

Spoke to a very nice lady tonight with Southwest ... she actually showed some empathy and is now helping to resolve this issue!

Original review posted by user Aug 23, 2015

I trusted AirTran again and again they have failed me. My family and I went on a vacation cruise last year and upon returning we found that AirTran had lost all 7 of our bags!!!

It took 6 hrs of extreme persistence to get the representative at the AirTran counter to contact someone to help us locate our luggage....which was in Orlando FL and should have been in Atlanta GA with us! So one year later, I convinced my parents that surely things were better now and that wouldn't happen to them.. to my surprise their much anticipated vacation has turned into a nightmare. My mom's luggage is nowhere to be found...

just disappeared into thin air!! All we get when we call is that it hasn't been traced yet. How in the world can two people check their bags at the same time, get the same destination tags, and one bag make it and the other disappears.... I mean no trace of it!

Something is really wrong and this needs to be addressed. I see comments after comments of the same issue and nothing is being changed. And then Airtran has the audacity to offer me a plane ticket for my trouble???? you can loose another bag!!

This is absolutely appalling. Do you even care what's going on with your company?

Of all the airlines I have traveled, Airtran has caused me more heartache than I care to remember. Someone at this company has to care.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

AirTran Airways Pros: Great ticket price.

AirTran Airways Cons: Misplaced or lost luggage.

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