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Lousy service on AirTran!

My family (2+2 kids) traveled on Airtran from Boston to Ft. Lauderdale via Atlanta on 12/21/07. We had a 1-hour layover in Atlanta. We had a cruise to catch in Ft. Lauderdale the next day (12/22/07) @ 5:00 pm and we felt that we had given ourselves adequate time. The flight out of Boston was over 3 hours late and we obviously missed the Atlanta connection. The frustrating part was that the AirTran gate people were insisting that the Boston flight will leave on time and there is no reason for us to be worried. If they had shared the truth, we would have atleast tried to make some alternate plans so that we could reach Ft. Lauderdale in time for the cruise. The service in Atlanta airport was atrocious. We had reached Atlanta at 12:00 midnight and a long *** of frustrated passengers were being served by one agent. The agent was trying to re-book the passengers and roughly one passenger was being serviced every 45 minutes. Given that Atlanta was their hub, one would have expected that they would have had more agents to help the passengers. When I came to the head of the line, the agent reported that the computer systems were down for the night and would come back up only at 8:00 the next morning. Here I was trying to get the next available flight to Ft. Lauderdale or any city in Florida (so that we don't miss our cruise) and they were absolutely unhelpful. Throughout this process, AirTran lied, misrepresented, were extremely incompetent and do not deserve to call themselves a service company. Naturally, we missed the cruise owing to AirTran's incompetence and stupidity. Never again am I going to step in another AirTran plane ever again my life. The additional $ for flying Delta and AA are well worth it. - Angry and frustrated person who got ripped off by AirTran
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Low cost airlines have to squeeze you for cash because we have mouths to feed. We don't call them "hidden fees", preferring the term "Surcharge for Low Awareness Pax," or SLAP. Don't be surprised if we slap a few extra charges on you from time to time. Rest assured that we will not tell you about them in advance... that way your experience prior to check-in will be worry free.

At OUR airline we take your concerns seriously. Please visit our online complaints department, rather than complaining in a public forum like this.


Robert E. Coli

CEO Thromby Air - Lowest of the Low


John's attitude is exactly why I won't ever fly on theis third-rate piece of **** again. Not only is the service lousy but their employees are cretins. I certainly don't hope for a plane crash - but I do expect this inadequate business model will go down in flames.


Wish you all the best! :p chi hair straightener


Airtran people are rude, and are cheap tippers, even when given a 30% discount at certain restaurants they have a contract with. Most people hate waiting on Airtran employees!


I work for Airtran. Fly Delta or AA!

All that's going to happen is you're going to pay more and get the same service! Good luck!

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